Buck Foston: Why I Hate the Boston Celtics

These are the "knowledgeable" fans Paul Pierce was talking about

Growing up as a Laker fan during the Shaq-Kobe 3-peat, I couldn’t really understand why they had a supposed “rivalry” with the Boston Celtics. Here’s the Lake show winning title after title and Boston is a bottom feeder in the weak East.


Then the Lakers lost to Detroit and split them up. While Kobe was carrying a team full of scrubs, Pierce was struggling with a good post up player in Al Jefferson and decent perimeter players in Ryan Gomes and Delonte West. Fast forward to the 07-08 season. The Lakers trade for Pau Gasol and become instant favorites out west. The C’s trade for Garnett and Allen while using their MLE on Posey and Eddie House. Midway through the season PJ Brown and Sam Cassel fall into their laps. They start on a collision course which ends with the Celtics winning the 08 championship. I was upset, obviously, but a part of me was happy to see KG and, to a lesser extent, Allen and the actress Paul Pierce win one. Little did I know then but I would grow to hate these D-Bags.


Seeds of Hate: 08-09 Season


For a team filled to the teeth with career losers, the spectacle they put on this year was hard to understand. Here was “The Big Ticket”, who spent most of his career trying to get out of the first round, barking at Ben Gordon from the bench. Pierce, who clearly lost a step athletically, was flopping worse than anyone not named Manu Ginobili. Ray Allen started acting like a bigger jackoff than before. Rondo, meanwhile, was playing dirty against anyone who was white and happened to play for Chicago and Kendrick Perkins believed he didn’t commit a foul all year. Ainge and Doc Rivers were looked at as geniuses when both, in reality, should’ve been fired. If you take advantage of two teams having a firesale that make you a great GM? What’s been his best move since? Glen Davis? NOT trading Rondo? Doc’s claim to fame before Boston was never getting out of the first round and his best season was being a whopping EIGHT games over .500. He was also the head coach for the Magic team that lost to the Pistons despite leading 3-1. This group of outcasts had no reason to act as disrespectful as they did to teams this year. As proof that karma exists, KG blew his knee out and the C’s lost to the upstart Magic this year. Good times.

The Flames of Hatred: 09-10 Season

 Not being content with being the biggest jackasses in the league, they made moves to get Rasheed Wallace and Nate Robinson to try to make a run at being the biggest jackasses in the history of the league. Highlights included:

  • Rasheed Wallace’s nightly dances after being being falsely accused of fouling an opposing player.
  • Rondo declaring to Chris Paul that, he wishes he was Rondo (Cause we all want the ability to miss open 15 footers amirite?)
  • Pierce faking another injury and getting called on it by Q-Rich.
  • Trying to amputate Howards arms and crying foul over the retaliation elbows.
  • Karma striking AGAIN and taking Perk out of game 7.

and my personal favorite:

  • Rivers declaring that: “this starting five is still undefeated” (Isn’t that cute?)

Hatred  Evermore: ’11 and beyond 

I don’t feel my hatred will die down anytime soon. Why? Well, because the Celtics are where hardworking vets go to become douchebags. Eddie House, PJ Brown, and J. O’Neal are just the tip of the iceberg (What is it with that scumbag city, is it something in the water?) Pierce will go for another academy award, Rondo will keep insisting he’s a top point guard and KG will still be a douche and, apparently, a racist.


Now for some of the Celtics, ehhh, “greatest hits.”

4:23 onwards.  

Sidenote: Look at Allens eyes when KG looks at him. That is the classic, “I submit”. Ray Ray better be careful, he may be light-skinned enough for KG to (sucker) punch in the face. These assholes don’t even like each other. They, however, are a “really close” unit, right Doc? That’s a bigger contradiction than Nate screaming obscenities and then thanking God in the post game interviews.

Go Lakers.


~ by Prodigy on July 20, 2010.

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