Cleveland Cavs: Now What?

Fact: Lebron James ripped the hearts out of Cleveland. Then, to add insult to injury, Z took with him the soul of the team. So what happens now? Are they going to win a championship before Lebron, like Gilbert predicted? Probably not. Will they be last years Nets? Possibly. Keep your chins up Cleveland, you’ll get another crack at a franchise player. Hopefully he won’t be a complete egomaniac like your last one was.

The Cavs, as presently constructed, are one very talented player away from being the fifth or sixth seed in the East. The problem is there aren’t too many available at this point. Let’s go into full denial mode and say that they shouldn’t rebuild because they could still be a contender (also known as working for the Cleveland front office), who is available?

1. Gilbert Arenas

The Washington gunner (see what I did there?) has the potential to return as one of the most explosive scorers in the NBA. If he’s going to be forced to defend 2 guards he should at least be in a place where he has the ball in his hands most of the time. With this trade, you also reunite 2/3rds of Washington’s last playoff team and give Scott another proven veteran.

Cost? Most likely Varejao, but he wouldn’t be of much use to Cleveland now anyway. Since the wizards have Blatche and McGee, Hickson wouldn’t be of much use to them. If they could throw in some players to make the numbers work they could have a playoff team on their hands.

2. Montae Ellis

Ellis’ name has been thrown around in trade rumors as early as last year and could still be available. He eats up possessions and provides penetration at the two guard which opens up looks for 3 point specialists.

Cost? Hickson and possibly Varejao. Jamison and Powe would still man the four spot and Ellis would provide a more pressing need than interior depth: scoring.

3. Emeka Okafor

Okay, not necessarily star material BUT he is a solid 15-9 guy most nights. Emeka’s an underrated defender who can crash the glass on both ends of the floor.

Cost? With the chaos in New Orleans, probably a bag of chips and Delonte West.

4.Marvin Williams

Williams has been on the Cavs radar this offseason as evidenced by the trade rumors. He could spread the floor even further for pick and rolls and can average 17-18 points a game if given enough touches.

Cost? Probably Hickson and/or Varejao or a sign/trade for Shaq.

5. Ramon Sessions

Remember this guy? He was supposed to take over the NBA last season. Didn’t quite turn out that way in Minnesota but maybe he could flourish in Cleveland.

Cost? Given Kahn’s affinity towards 4’s I’d guess JJ. You never know with Kahn though, he would probably trade him for the ability to sign Darko to another extension.

Wildcards: T-Mac, AI

I put these guys together since they are basically the same guy. They showed flashes last year of being able to score when given the chance. Both could start in Cleveland and prove everyone wrong.

Cost? Nothing since both are unwanted free agents. They would, however, become the butt of everyone’s jokes (ie. Who’s next, Marbury?). I do think with these 2 guys they’d make the playoffs which would give the city of Cleveland 2 more chances to yell obscenities at Lebron James.


~ by Prodigy on July 22, 2010.

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