Please Sit This One Out, Lakers.

With the swirl of rumors about CP3 the last day and a half and the Chris Bosh trade rumors before that, there is a general consensus among fans that the Lakers need to pull off a blockbuster deal. While I would love to see CP in a Lake uni, here are five reasons it won’t (and shouldn’t) be happening anytime soon:

5. Lost in the triangle

For the time being, the Lakers run the triangle offense. While it’s true that they sometimes turn to the 2-4 pick and roll late, the triangle remains their bread and butter. Can the Lakers really afford to deal with a starter who is used to having the ball in his hands 99.9% of the time? Pau took a season and a training camp to fully grasp the triangle and Ron still looks lost. We saw what this offense did to Gary Payton, would Paul fare any better?

4. Luxury tax evasion

Dr. Buss might be getting tired of spending so much money on these Lakers. How else do you explain the Lakers offseason thus far? First the rumors of Phil getting low balled followed by Fish recieving the same treatment. Here are two of the biggest reasons the Lakers won the past two championships getting treated like D-League call-ups. I always thought of Buss as the Steinbrenner of the NBA, but maybe this is a sign of a new penny-pinching era of ownership by the Buss family.

3. Off the ball play is key

Let’s make one thing clear: Paul needs the ball in his hands… a lot. As much success as he’s had, we already have a player who should be the primary ball handler. Mr. Kobe Bryant, perhaps you’ve heard of him? He sets the table for this team and does a pretty good job of it. While he may not pile up assists like CP3, he does make the passes that leads to assists. With the Lakers interior passing there isn’t much need for a “true” point guard. What the Lakers need, and have needed for a few years, is a sniper from long-range who they just picked up this offseason. While Paul is a decent enough 3 point shooter, do we really want to see him become last year’s Ron Artest? I don’t, he’s much too talented for such a role.

2. Lamar Odom

Any deal for Paul would have to include Odom and I’m sorry, but I would never make that deal. How many players in the league are as versatile as Lamar? 3, maybe 4 others. A “franchise” point comes in every year. The 09 draft had 4 potential 1’s come out of it. The last player to have Odom’s skill set? Anthony Randolph, and even that may not pan out.

1. Defending world champions

With Menage a Bron forming in Miami, people seem to have forgotten the Lakers won the championship and had a great offseason. Phil and Fisher were retained while they added Blake and a pair of second round gems in Caracter and Ebanks (Sign them already Mitch!). While the idea of an arms race is exciting it doesn’t make sense basketball-wise for the Lakers. Role players are just as important on championship contenders and they should be stockpiling them instead. The Lakers shouldn’t be desperate to make a deal. They are not the 07-08 Suns.


~ by Prodigy on July 22, 2010.

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