Baron Davis: Key to the Kingdom?

Baron Davis is one of the most frustrating players in the NBA. He is capable of being a top 5 point guard in the league but he never seems to put it together.

If I were to ask you, what is your favorite Baron Davis moment? Was it the playoff series between his Hornets and a young D Wade? Was it his Warriors pulling the upset of the decade by beating the heavily favored Dallas Mavericks? Now quick, what’s your favorite Clippers moment? Uhhh… when he debuted his documentary on bloods and crips…? Davis has been a disappointment in a Clipper uniform thus far. I guarantee the team did not sign him to underachieve and lead them to seasons as lottery participants. There is a silver lining in all of this, however. Of all his faults, almost none of them affect him on the hardwood.

Let’s talk about his positives, first. Davis, when he feels like it, is unguardable. He is quick, speedy and rugged. He has insane hops for someone his height and can finish above the rim against anyone. He is an underrated defender who can lock up opposing players any time he feels the need to. He is a great passer who can facilitate with the best of point guards.

The problem? He rarely feels like it. Instead of being a mismatch every time he steps on the court he lets inferior players outplay him every other game. He moped his way out of Golden State then headed down to LA and began having problems with Dunleavy. He constantly pulls up for contested shots on the break. While this may have worked with the Warriors who ran their way into a ton of possesions, the Clippers are a different beast. They have one of the best young centers in the league in Chris Kaman and a talented young perimeter player in Eric Gordon. They don’t need to run and gun like the Warriors to win games. Someone needs to tell Baron that.

This team should play through Kaman and allow for Gordon to get open looks off of screens or pick and rolls. The other young player on the roster is Blake Griffin. After injuring his leg last year he seems to want to set the nba on fire next year. Aminu and Bledsoe come in to solidify a rotation that is legitimately 10 deep. While this team is very deep and talented, it is nothing like the team that Davis seems to still think he is still playing on. So why am I writing this? I think it might get better, soon. As in, next season soon. Why? V-D-N. While I don’t think he is a good coach, teams seem to play hard for him. He will not push Davis’ buttons nor will he be an over bearing force on the bench.

If he plays a smarter brand of offense and dedicates himself to shutting down point guards he could lead this team to a playoff berth. He could be the one to lead the Clips from “the other LA team” to a threat to the throne. He could be the best player on the team no one wants to face in the playoffs. Or, he could fade. He can keep taking bad jumpers. He can keep ignoring the bettering team around him. He can shoot them out of games and out of the post season. The postseason for the Clippers goes through Davis’ hands. With this talented group of players around him, no matter what team you cheer for (Clippers included), you should fear the beard.


~ by Prodigy on July 28, 2010.

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