Follow The Money: 5 Moves Boston Should Make

Thanks a lot for making my article useless, Boston. Add this as another reason I hate Boston.

When Rasheed announced that he was going to wait until traded to retire, I was personally shocked. Rasheed Wallace doing something noble? Where was this ‘Sheed in Portland? Personal feelings aside, this gives the Celtics what every team wants in todays NBA: instant cap space. They could just sit and reduce the payroll, but for a team that is a contender they should use it to get better. We’ve seen this situation before with other teams: Dallas turned Dampier into Chandler and Portland turned Raef LaFrentz into… ummm… nevermind. So how does Boston not follow the same mistake as Portland? By taking advantage of quality players who have worn out their stays in other cities.

Rudy Fernandez: The Spaniard’s tenure with the Blazers may be coming to an end this offseason. With the emergence of Batum and the acquisition of Babbit the minutes at small forward will be scarce this season. At the 2 guard Roy and possibly Bayless will get most of the time. So that leaves Fernandez in a bit of a bind. He’s thought about going back to Spain, but I’m sure his services are coveted by many NBA teams. Fernandez could thrive in Boston where his scoring and three-point touch could be put to good use.

Cap Numbers? Well with both teams being over the cap, any trade would have to include Pryzbilla. What’s that? They wouldn’t trade him you say? Well they now have three centers on the roster. Also, this has the makings of a *wink wink* deal where Joel would end up back in Portland anyway.

Shane Battier: Shane is stuck on a team that may or may not be a contender next year. He’s also locked into a logjam at the 3 spot. With the Ariza signing and the blossoming Budinger needing more minutes, Battier seems to be the odd man out. He is one of, if not, the best defenders in the league. He also has a shooting touch from beyond the arc. Combine those things and you have a player perfect for Bean Town,

Cap Numbers? Both of these players make about the same amount next year, making this the simplest trade they could make.

James Posey: Why doesn’t Boston just go with a sure thing? Posey isn’t exactly fighting for minutes in the N.O. but ownerships is always trying to cut costs. Another hard-nosed defender who knows the system would be great for Boston. His defense on James and Kobe was a huge reason they won the 08 ‘chip.

Cap Numbers? They match up almost exactly. The problem is, do the C’s want to pay him for that many years?

Tayshaun Prince: A key member of the Pistons’ dominance years ago is now an expiring contract. With Jerebko playing great while Prince was out with injuries, the Pistons may look to move Tayshaun. Another lockdown perimeter defender with a shooting touch. He also has a post up game that could punish teams who try to go small against the C’s. He would be a perfect fit on the Celtics and could be productive as a starter should Pierce get injured.

 Cap Numbers? They don’t add up. Prince is due to make 11 million next year while Wallace only makes about 6. If there’s a GM who could figure out a way to get this done though, it’d be Joe Dumars.

JR Smith: The ultimate wild card. His explosive scoring could really improve the C’s point output next year. I have a feeling he can be a great defender as well. As far as his reputation as a knucklehead goes, I don’t think that would fly in Boston. If Nate Robinson was kept quiet, I’m sure Smith will be muzzled as well. With Smith and Robinson on board, the C’s may have a bench that outscres the starters any given night.

Cap Numbers? They fit perfectly as well. Why not take a shot if he’s available? If he begins to mope you still have a certified rotation player in Daniels who will be more than happy to fill his minutes.


~ by Prodigy on August 10, 2010.

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  1. Great Post! Very well said and voiced, I do believe that the players mentioned above would really make a difference if signed and given a chance to play for Boston.

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