New Jersey Nets: Playoff Bound?

For those who haven’t heard, there is a 4 team trade in the works that may send Courtney Lee to Houston and land them Troy Murphy. I think this was a great move by all parties involved (with the possible exception of Houston). Does this move put them into playoff contention? I certainly think so.

The sharp shooting Murphy brings a lot to the tables as far as the stat sheet goes. He’s a guy that can average a double double which will prove to be invaluable to a team which has young front court pieces. He will take some pressure off of Lopez and allow him more space to operate on the block. Expect the Nets to run plenty of high-lows plays next year.

Another player he can help is Devin Harris. With his ability to spread the floor, Devin will now be able to weave through the defense with little worry of teams cheating off of Murphy. He also becomes a key player for Harris to use in pick and roll situations. He can also run the pick and pop play which will get Murphy some open looks on the perimeter.

Believe it or not, I think this move also helps out new coach Avery Johnson. There are very few players who can boast a similar move set to that of Dirk Nowitzki but Murphy is one of the selected few. With Murphy on board he can run some of the plays he used in Dallas. This also gives his team a shot in the arm in the talent department. Look for Murphy to be used by Johnson in a similar way he used Dirk in Dallas.

The young players also benefit from this deal as well. Terrence Williams will now likely get the majority of the minutes at shooting guard. As a slasher he will also appreciate the space that a shooter like Murphy will provide. Favors will now start his career on the bench which I think will be better for him. He will now face less pressure which will allow him to blossom without being asked to do too much.

 It is rare that a team is able to get talent, cap space and veteran leadership without having to mortgage their future. The Nets made a great move which I feel will allow them to compete for the spot vacated by the Cleveland Cavaliers from last year. Should everything work out, they may have just pulled off the best deal among non playoff teams this offseason.


~ by Prodigy on August 11, 2010.

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